How to Apply

Applications will only be accepted from people who are eligible to work and run businesses in the UK. The land farmed can be in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

Applications are not subject to any age, gender, race or similar limitations.

If you are unsure about your eligibility for support, please go to the contacts page and send us a short summary of your situation (we will aim to respond within 7 working days).

If you meet the eligibility criteria, outlined on the relevant page of this website and above, and wish to apply for support, please complete the downloadable forms and send these to us with your business plan and other supporting information.

You must have written a business plan based on a real farm to apply for support, as this is part of how we consider what support you need. But you can apply before you have a formal agreement with a landowner, although the support will only become available to you once your tenancy, share farming or contract farming agreements are finalised.

We prefer information sent to us by e-mail, but will also accept applications by post. Please use the contact us page to receive our e-mail address and excel and word versions of the forms or to find our postal address.

Applications can be sent in at any time. We will confirm receipt of your application within 7 working days, at which time we will tell you how long we expect to need to process your application. This will depend on the request you make, the quality of application, availability of your referees, the number of applications received at a similar time and the Trustees availability to consider your application.

As a guide, we expect this will typically take 8-10 weeks from confirmation of receipt of a fully-completed application, including a sufficiently detailed business plan.