The aim of Dairy Futures is to get people with the determination and ability to succeed in dairy farming to a sustainable size of dairy enterprise as quickly as possible.

Help will be offered to tenant farmers, typically early on in their tenancy, or when starting a new dairy farming enterprise, including those entering into a contract or share farming agreement, as they go through the challenging set up or expansion phase.

The Trustees will review the business plans and skills of those applying for support to assess the viability of the plan, the individual's capability and their need for help to succeed.

Applications may come from a single individual or jointly from more than one person.

Established dairy farming businesses, running a commercial dairy enterprise for more than 10 years and those with owned land above 20ha (50 acres) are not eligible for support from this Charity. These established businesses should find technical and business support available from DairyCo and other existing bodies.

Diversification and added-value enterprises are outside the scope of this charity's work.

Help available

Help may be offered at four basic levels, depending on the assessment of need:

  1. Given one-off feedback on plans from the Trustees, who are experienced farming professionals
  2. Feedback on plans and invited to join the networking group, which will offer a chance to attend educational events and visits to farms with similar objectives
  3. As 1 and 2, but their educational needs are deemed greater, so they will receive training assessments and regular contact from a mentor over a number of years
  4. As 1, 2 and 3, and referred to a wholly owned subsidiary loan company, because access to funding from the commercial marketplace is limiting their ability to make a living from farming.

Beneficiaries will only receive support for a limited time, as agreed by the Trustees based on their assessment of need, but in any case up to a maximum of 10 years.