Creating Pathways into Dairy Farming


Talented new and expanding dairy farmers are worthy of support to keep them within the dairy farming industry and we recognise that without capital and business support it can be difficult to get businesses to a sustainable scale.

Dairy Futures offers help to suitably skilled individuals with a good business plan, as they go through a significant expansion of a dairy business or begin a new dairy enterprise in their own right. Dairy Futures is intended to support those whose initial scale does not allow their business to be sustainable. They can be tenant farmers, share farmers or farming under a contract farming agreement.

It provides guidance from experienced farmer mentors, reviews of business plans, access to the most relevant training, arranging networking events and where necessary capital via its loan company, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the charity.

Dairy Futures' Charitable objectives

The relief of unemployment by the provision of business start-up advice and information relating to the development of sustainable dairy farming businesses without land ownership;

The relief of financial hardship amongst non-land owning dairy farmers, in particular but not exclusively by the provision of information and advice on business planning, coaching and the establishment of a peer network.